Sunday, September 23, 2012

First Post

Welcome to the DEC Publishing Blog.  This blog will be dedicated to an open discussion with regards to multimedia, digital publishing.  You will find links to articles concerning this topic, as well as comments from publishing professionals.  In the spirit of full disclosure, we at DEC Publishing have aligned ourselves with the BookOn Publish format, which allows for cross-platform, across-device publishing.  The folks at MediaTechnics Corp developed this system more than 15 years ago, and have successfully used this method for textbooks in use by millions of students around the world.  A proven system can be hard to find these days, so a track record like this cannot be discounted.
I must also further disclose that DEC Publishing is neither an Apple enthusiast, nor Microsoft apologist.  We are device agnostic and we currently have, use, and test our books on the following:  Mac laptop, Win7 laptop(s), iPad 2, Nook Tablet, Acer 7" tablet (Android), Acer Iconia tablet (Win7), GTablet, Android phone, Blackberry, and iPod Touch.
We are firm believers that digital publications should work on the device you have, in the way you want

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